Denis Villeneuve’s Neuromancer

The William Gibson classic is less and less read as a book

Damien Walter
2 min readNov 16, 2023

Neuromancer is less and less read as a book

That’s natural. Times move on. Cyberpunk feels a bit like pulling open an old drawer full of VHS casette tapes and broken mirrorshades.

But I think we’re losing something as we lose Neuromancer.

The demographics of this community are roughly 45 to 65. That’s the age group who read Neuromancer when it was published.

That’s also the last generation to remember reality.

Or reality without virtuality.

Reality can be a rough old place, so we were also the first generation to escape into digital realities en masse. William Gibson saw that coming, and it’s the true theme of Neuromancer.

Now the Millennial’s and Zoomers, who will likely never read Neuromancer, also have no memory of reality without virtual escapism. I believe much of the angst and confusion of our times is a consequence of our great escape into virtuality.

This is why I’d like to see a meaningful adapation of Neuromancer. Of course Denis Villeneuve would be the first pick to make it. Not just for his visual style.

But with the hope that Denis adaptaing Gibson would communicate Neuromancer’s dark warning of the cost of virtual escapism.

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