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  • John Hamilton Farr

    John Hamilton Farr

    SELF-DRIVING MAN ☀︎ “The edge between the worlds was open if one knew to smell it. Unlived lives shot out from holes.” JHFARR.COM & GODDAMNBUFFALO.COM.

  • K.L. Neidecker

    K.L. Neidecker

    Writer of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and other assorted kinds of speculative fiction.

  • Will


    Blogger @goingawesomeplaces. Addicted to travel. Travel photographer. Point hoarder. Adventure freak. Love talking itineraries and trip planning.

  • James Mitchell

    James Mitchell

    High Strategy, lively copy, fiction with fangs and thorns. Growth for your business, and growth for me. This is the story of a project I’m calling Botany.

  • Simon Bisson

    Simon Bisson

    Freelance technology journalist, vrai Jerri, and geek. Writing about enterprise, SMB, developer, design and mobile; anywhere, anytime. Email: simon@sandm.co.uk

  • Kara Monterey

    Kara Monterey

    I love coffee, creating stuff, bike rides, rose gardens, and reading. Founder of the new serialized literature website http://Channillo.com.

  • Ilya Eriklintsev

    Ilya Eriklintsev

    Research fellow, privacy activist and a decent systems engineer.

  • Patrick Odongo

    Patrick Odongo

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